Is ConvertKit the Best Email Marketing Software for Bloggers in 2018?

Is ConvertKit the Best Email Marketing Software for Bloggers Today?

When you start a blog, managing your subscriber lists and readers are just as important as uploading new content to your blog. Email marketing remains one of the most powerful ways to target your subscribers and convert them into loyal fans.

There are dozens of email marketing software solutions to choose from that bloggers have been using for years. ConvertKit is quite a new entry into the list but has gained some popularity very quickly for being blogger-specific email marketing solution.

What Is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is an email marketing solution designed by bloggers for the bloggers. It allows bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers and other types of internet marketers to make the best of their email lists.

ConvertKit allows marketers to create compelling emails and newsletters to make more loyal readers. It also lets them create their landing pages, even if they don’t have their websites.

Another important part of the solution is the automation of various mundane tasks allowing marketers to create email marketing campaigns faster.

Reviewing ConvertKit

Let us take a look at the various features, options and pricing plans offered by ConvertKit team to see how good they are compared to some of the other platforms on the market.


Yes, at first you will notice that they are a bit more expensive than other email marketing services like MailChimp, Infusionsoft, and Sendgrid but that would be unfair. You could look at this pricing structure in several ways to discover that it is more affordable than the pricing plans of other email marketing services.

First, notice that there are four different plans to choose from, so you have more choices whereas with other services your plans are limited to only two or three. Secondly, right from the very basic plan that costs you $29/month, you can send unlimited emails.

With other service providers, you will notice that they have their limits on the number of emails you can send. So, ConvertKit is great in that it does not worry you with limits on the number of emails you can send every month. Furthermore, the price in the snapshot is with the monthly plan. When you choose to pay yearly, you can save a lot of money by paying for ten months for a 12-month subscription.

Ease of Use

An important aspect of any email marketing solution is how easy it is to use. You want to use your software for marketing purposes right from the first minute—you don’t want to spend an entire day learning how to get around the many options. ConvertKit’s dashboard is one of the easiest ones out there. Right, when you log in you get a glance at everything that’s important to you.

Most of the things on your forms and emails can be managed intuitively using ConvertKit’s user-friendly interface. There are times when you might have to play around with a little bit of HTML coding, but that’s a rare case. The email designing features are not the fascinating ones, but their simplicity keeps you focused on writing for your readers rather than meddling with formatting options and aesthetics. Yes, at times it might feel as though the editor is very basic when it comes to creating newsletters but it has an advantage—you focus more on the power of your content rather than its formatting.


Automation remains one of the most important parts of any email marketing tools. True automation should save your time, and that’s exactly what CovertKit manages well. With this software, your subscribers are intelligently categorized based on their interests. Once your subscribers have been segmented based on their interests, you have a more narrowed down list of potential customers who you can target with your emails. Yes, a narrowed down list is smaller but it’s the potential and high conversion rate that makes this small list more profitable than a huge list of unresponsive leads.

A workflow builder is a feature that was already present on ConvertKit’s biggest competitors, Drip and ActiveCampaign. The above screenshot gives you a view of the basic rule builder, but a workflow builder is supposed to go many steps ahead. Looking at the need for this amazing tool, ConvertKit also rolled out an update with a visual workflow builder introduced on it as well.

You can look at the visual workflow builder above and easily notice how clean this look is. Keep in mind that the basic builder is great for small lists, but when you have dozens of different rules applied, that same plain looking rule builder can start to look very messy. With the new workflow builder with its intuitive visuals puts ConvertKit head to head with Drip and ActiveCampaign.

A/B Testing

While it is great that an email marketing solution that is so simple has the A/B testing feature too, you can agree that this is one of the areas where ConvertKit needs some improvement, in fact, a lot of improvement. Most of its competitors offer the A/B testing feature in much more detail. With their email marketing software you can A/B test a lot of the components of your emails including but not limited to the delivery time of the email, content of the email, etc.

Unfortunately, with ConvertKit, you have the option to A/B test only the subject lines right now. This is one area where ConvertKit feels limited compared to its competitors. If nothing, ConvertKit should consider allowing the A/B testing of the automation. This change will make the software much more powerful.

Email Types and Templates

One of the things you want in your email marketing software is the flexibility of options. When it comes to types of emails that you can send to your potential leads, ConvertKit is quite an amazing option. It allows you to create landing pages, newsletters, A/B testing, autoresponders, etc. However, in the template area, ConvertKit is not the best option.

There should be more templates as they are a basic need for anyone using email marketing software. There are only a handful of templates that are nothing compared to other competitors like MailChimp that have dozens of templates available. They sometimes even provide you a tool to create your templates. So, ConvertKit covers the email type section well but needs to add more to its templates.

Customer Support

It does not matter how much you pay for a service; you can consider your money is turning into ashes if their customer support is not good. ConvertKit might not be the biggest email marketing company out there, but they understand the importance of their customers and thus helping them in every possible way.

ConvertKit has three main ways they provide support to their customers: contact support, workshops, and articles. With more than hundred articles, you are sure to find the information you need from them. Workshops can teach in an hour what requires several weeks for someone to learn. With contact support, they have an average response time of just a little over one hour.

They also have the live chat feature to answer common questions from customers instantly. While MailChimp has a very detailed contact page with a different section for different types of issues, it feels a bit overwhelming and more cumbersome to use those options when compared to the ease of writing whatever your issue is in a ticket.

ActiveCampaign also has a very simple and helpful support page, but no competitor comes close to the 1 hour and 14 minutes average response time of ConvertKit.


One of the most important things for consumers about today’s software solutions is them being able to try them for free. Most software being offered as services now have trial periods during which customers can get the hang of the software and decide if they are comfortable paying for the software. There was a time when ConvertKit did not offer any trial period, but the company has accepted the challenge from its competitors as it offers a 14-day trial. However, a credit card is needed for the trial. Furthermore, their demo offer is also generous as their professionals help you understand the software and answer any questions that you might have.

Their competitors have trial periods available for their customers too. For example, ActiveCampaign offers its software for free for a total of 14 days.

MailChimp, however, has quite an attractive offer for its customers. They offer a free plan forever to businesses. The issue with this type of account is that it is extremely limited. Not to mention, your final decision should be based on the value you obtain from your service provider rather than how much of the free leverages they offer. Despite being a small company compared to MailChimp, it is quite generous from ConvertKit to offer a 14-day free trial.


ConvertKit is still quite a new contender in the world of email marketing software solutions. However, the company has made an impact due to the generous amount of features it offers. ConvertKit are taking the email marketing world by storm due to the power behind the product, ease-of-use and a variety of features that make email marketing a breeze for bloggers, marketers & entrepreneurs.

Click here to visit the official ConvertKit website.

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