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Specialising in SME & local businesses,  Harry’s Media is known within the small business community as the “go-to” company for cutting-edge websites and ROI-driven social media campaigns. 

The Story

Harrys Media is a digital agency and online marketing company based in Bristol, United Kingdom. 

Created by Harry Noott, Harry’s Media found a space in helping traditional businesses generate leads, increase sales and grow online, whilst simultaneously strengthening brand awareness, trust and value. 

How did it all start?

Since 2015, we have been building brands online, promoting them via social media and creating niche websites that rank in Google.

In 2016 Harry’s Media was created as a one-stop-shop for businesses looking for someone to “do their social media” for them. 

Over time we have found that most of our clients simply do not have the time or will to keep up with the latest information on how to succeed with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc…. but they do understand that there is a lot of business on these platforms.

That’s why they hire Harry’s Media to get results for them.

Usually this means a customised social media management and marketing service, often with a website upgrade and/or integrated sales funnel created and managed. 

How does a 400% ROI sound?

We have found that with the businesses we work with, we can generate an average 3-4x return on investment with our digital & social media marketing campaigns.

Currently we work with a variety of businesses including hotels, bars, restaurants, electricians, authors, makeup artists, e-commerce companies, estate agents and many more… 

So… ready to get started?

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